How Do I Get Songs Into Charts?

A fun fact for you. Did you know that Chart Registration is not automatic! If you’re a band, artist or musician who is hoping to enter into the Official Singles Charts, that’s great! However! You will need chart registration in order to achieve it, as only chart registered albums and songs can be entered into the Official Charts.

What is chart registration and why do I need it?

Before any EP, album or single is entered into an official chart it must be chart registered. This means any physical or digital arrangements must be registered with the relevant organisations in order to make sure all sales are correctly tracked and allocated to your release in the right way for it chart.

How does Chart Registration work?

Each single, album or EP that is released is given two barcodes; a standard barcode for the product as a whole UPC / EAN and an ISRC barcode for each individual track.

ISRC barcodes are used to track the sales each release has and send that information to Official Chart companies such as the UK Singles Chart and Billboard, USA.

If you don’t register your releases then any stores your songs are listed on won’t have any data on file where sales are allocated to. This means the sales you have made will allow you to receive your royalties but if you’ve sold enough you won’t be entered into the charts. To avoid this make sure you register your releases!

How do you get Chart Registered?  

You can get chart registered on our Store page. We Are here to help! Targeting the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and now Australia! All Genres, Clean and Explicit songs accepted!

Once your songs are registered, this will allow you to promote and market your releases to make those all-important sales and break into the Official Charts.

So what are you waiting for…go and register if you haven’t already!

We Are RGM. An Artist Development platform for artists who are looking to Elevate their music carriers through dedication and hard work. We are here to help you! 




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