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Let you do the music. Let us do the rest!

Direct Login & Payments
Keep Your Royalties & Rights​
Set Up Split Payments
Distribute to 200+ Music Platforms

Sell your music. Unlimited & Everywhere.

Easily release your music to all major platforms. Release as much music as you want, whenever you want.

In-depth royalty analytics in one place!

With your own login where you can view all your stats and get paid directly! Monitor your sales, streams and earnings in a dedicated analytics portal. Access comprehensive daily reports and transparent monthly statements with your login!


One Stop Music Distribution

Admin work is boring, right? We provide complete Music Administration. From PRS – BMI – ASCAP registrations. Music Distribution with official playlist pitching, Spotify Discovery Mode and so much more, for the same price as a phone contract!


Spotify Discovery Mode is here!

All One Stop clients have the ability for their songs to be picked up on  ‘Discovery Mode’, which enables artists to benefit from additional algorithmic plays.


How to distribute with us


Let you do the music. Let us do the rest!

Split payments with collaborators

Seamlessly add payment splits for each release and automatically pay your team and collaborators.

Keep your earnings

Receive money every time someone streams or buys your music. Get paid your earnings every month, directly to your Paypal or Stripe account.

YouTube Content ID

Register your music with YouTube Content ID to automatically collect money anytime your music is used in a YouTube video. And yes, you keep 100% of those earnings too.

Super Fast Delivery

Our platform utilizes AI and automation technology which allows us to deliver your music within 48 hours. (Not advised BUT it's possible)

Share your releases easily.

Automatically created for you are Smart URL links that display your upcoming release and provide the listener options on where to stream. Perfect for easily sharing your music, all in one place.


Music Video Distribution

One-time fee per music video. Never pay yearly costs! EVER!

Distribute your Music Videos, Movies, Documentaries now to Major leading video store Apple Music, iTunes & Vevo.

Even more features

We are constantly introducing new features and incentives. Keep creating more music and we will keep creating more opportunities.

Global Music Distribution

We provide FREE delivery to new stores, as it should be!!

Editorial Playlisting Opportunities

We continue to build relationships with Editorial Playlister curators who trust the music that we send. With a strong release plan in place we may be able to secure you Editorial. This must be submitted 8 weeks in advance. 

Advance Funding

Artists & Labels with developed fanbases may qualify for advance funding.

Label & Artist Support

We offer quality client support from real support agents. No robots, we promise. For any immediate issues just reach out to us direct! If you are apart of One Stop you will be working and speaking to Ryan Glover directly.

Distribute Cover Songs

Have you ever wanted to Distribute Cover records? With us, you can!

Pre-Saves / Pre-Orders

We set up a smart link to build fan engagement and attract new listeners. This also includes a pre-order link to gain revenue before your records is even released. This automatically turns into a smart url on release day FOR FREE!

Get Into The iTunes Charts

We have got many of our clients into the iTunes Charts. We Chart Register your songs to be eligible to achieve this chart success.

Global Market Reach

We deliver your music globally to all major stores. Build your fanbase in over 200 global territories, and be heard in emerging music markets like Asia & South America and even Prison’s around the globe.

Cover Song Licensing

Secure a license for your cover song here. Once secured please send us a copy to our email address. We make sure the proper rights holders are paid, and that your song can be distributed. If you do not obtain a license for a small fee, we can still distribute your cover song, though it will not be sellable on iTunes. 

Lyric Syncing

We can sync your songs to Instagram,  Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and other DSPs here.

Free UPC & ISRC codes

We continue to build relationships with Editorial Playlister curators who trust the music that we send. With a strong release plan in place we may be able to secure you Editorial. This must be submitted 8 weeks in advance. 


You can payout straight to your bank account. Your records take 3 months to start generating revenue and are generated monthly after that. The money is automatic placed into your We Are RGM distro account.

We have an excellent working relationship with Sentric Music Ltd who collects your Music Publishing and Sync your music. Alternatively / AND sign up to your PRO to collect privately. We also have an extended network of None Exclusive sync teams whom we can work your record to for a monthly fee.`

Yes. All new stores are automatically added to your releases, FOR FREE!

Due to the amount received there is only feedback if a record has been placed on an official playlist. If you also have access to your “For Artists” apps they will tell you immediately also.

Please fill out this form for Editorial / Administration.

We do yes. FOR FREE. These URLs start off as Presave / Preorder links which then turn into Smart URLs on release day.

YES. In fact, within 48hours actually….. I think we are pretty much one of the quickest Distributors to deliver to Spotify in the world.

Yes. ForTunes is fantastic and free!!

Spot on track is also fantastic and gives you apple playlist insights also.

Yes, In fact, we provide these for free!