Genre: Alt Rock

Mood: Motivational

Release Date: 29/04/22


In “On My Mind”, Izzy overcomes her demons by making friends with them. Acknowledging her darker thoughts by highlighting them in the song.
The song is built around a dirty bass riff, a hip hop style beat, and a tone of voice that makes you immediately pay attention.
The chorus is explosive and catchy enough to remember after hearing it just once, you’re guaranteed to be singing this in your sleep.
With Nuclear gaining huge attention in Rolling Stones Magazine, Wonderland, Metal Magzine and loads more. Izzy T is back with her brand new single On My Mind!



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(35%) Isabel Shoaleh Thomas (IPI) 697663871

(25%) Newkirk, Celine Love

(IPI) 388856881

(10%) Kiasi, Chanel

(IPI) 670634639

(30%) Roelandt, Quentin

(IPI) 1062070797


100% Izzy T (IPI) 697663871


100% Izzy T (IPI) 697663871

Released by We Are RGM (Ryan Glover) (IPI) 681878395

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