Genre: Progressive House, Dance, Electronic

Mood: Romantic, Dark, Groovy, Feel Good

Release Date: Out Now


Brooklyn native, Antoni Spela, drops his third release, “In the Dark”, on Butterfly Effect Recordings (sister label to UK Dance Music Powerhouse New State Music) “In the Dark” is a heart pounder that has plenty of dark and groovy vibe along with a larger than life vocal performance for listeners to enjoy.

‘In the Dark’ has an edgy progressive house vibe while capturing Spela’s dark techno and progressive sound through the song’s huge chords and fast paced drum patterns. Antoni Spela sums up his motivation behind this breakout track:

“I knew from the beginning I wanted to write a dark progressive house track with a larger than life 80’s inspired vocal that had that “anthem” feel. I just loved the way all the elements came together; from the driving bass line and chords to the over-the-top vocal performance that’s so distinctly memorable. I hope listeners will enjoy the dark vibe that inspires all techno and progressive house artists while being delightfully surprised by the vocal performance in the way it just makes you want to put this on repeat.”

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