Genre: Slap House

Mood: Romantic, Happy, Feel Good

Release Date: 03/06/22


Tim Moyo is a successful BBC introducing artist living in Eastbourne. After hearing some of Tim’s work and vocals, AMD knew he was someone he definitely wanted to work with. 

AMD wanted to make a tune, that when people hear, they think SUMMER and that’s exactly what one of his favourites  “Fragmas Miracle” manages to do so well. 

AMD decided to use the recognisable melody, sample it, and make a slap house record “My Side” For a new generation to enjoy and something for the older to reminisce on.



AUMEV2244971 / 9353450675030 / A10448EGYR0067892A

ISWC / TuneCode:


(100%) Aaron Mafi (IPI)


(80%) Aaron Mafi (IPI)

(20%) Sentric Music Limited (IPI) 509030978


(100%) Aaron Mafi (IPI)

Released by We Are RGM (Ryan Glover) (IPI) 681878395

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