Distribute your music confidently with RGM!


RGM One Stop

Admin work is boring, right? We provide complete Music Administration. From PRS – BMI – ASCAP registrations. Music Distribution with official playlist pitching and so much more, for the same price as a phone contract!


Music Distribution

Distribute your music with ease to 200+ digital music stores including Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, TikTok, Instagram and so much more. With a login, track your data, analytics and pay royalties straight in your bank.

Editorial Playlists

We continue to build relationships with Editorial Playlister curators who trust the music that we send. With a strong release plan in place we may be able to secure you Editorial if we feel the song is strong enough. This must be submitted 8 weeks in advance.

Store Placements

Ever wanted your music in shops, bars, leisure locations. We send music to Store Placement companies who trust the music that we send. If the song is right for any of our partners we WILL send it to them. This will generate revenue for you on the backend PRS / PPL and increase your Shazams ultimately gaining new fans.

Publishing Collection

No traditional publishing deal? We Are RGM helps you collect all the royalties you are owed on your song. We guarantee easy publishing, mechanical, radio and live performance royalty collection (make sure you let us know when you’ve performed live or your songs been played on radio) with our friends at Sentric Music who we have a direct relationship with.


Sync Lyrics

We will Sync your lyrics to Instagram, Tidal and upload them to the Genius

Chart Registration

A fun fact for you. Did you know that Chart Registration is not automatic! Only Chart Registered records can enter the charts and we do that for you. 

Sync Placements

With an ever growing relationship with Sync companies, If your song is right for any of our partners or any briefs that are sent to us we WILL send it to them.  We may even find ourselves in a situation where we could be negotiate an upfront fee. We maintain 10% of anything earned with your particular song if Synced through us.

Radio Plugging

With an ever-growing track record on National Radio song placements on BBC 1xtra, Kiss FM and Capital, If we feel your records has the potential to land, we will send it to our Radio contacts who just might spin it. If they do and we know about it, you will be the first to know.


Our motto is Elevation  Through Dedication and we want to Elevate you to your realistic next level! We’ve built a strong reputation in the music industry for offering the opportunity of growth and development to artists. We’ve worked with artists who are just starting their careers, all the way up to major signed acts. We’re here to level the playing field and guide you in a focused direction but most importantly the safe direction.
Moreover, meeting the clients, discussing the creation of a brand image, devising new business concepts to manage between the latest and famous trends are also areas that we take care of.


Music Distribution / Basic Administration

One time fee per release. Never pay yearly costs again and receive 100% of profits. Albums are charged at a higher rate.


For any inquiries please email