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Are you stuck for cash ? Why don't you pay monthly for your EP project, with agreed prices that suite both parties.

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YES! Artist Consultancy is free when you work with RGM. We are here to help you!

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Tired of doing the boring Admin ? Distribution, PRS and PPL. Let us complete them for you!

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Working with RGM was definitely the best decision I’ve made when it comes to music. Extremely passionate, highly professional with an incredible vision, and these factors show in the quality that Ryan delivers. The studio sessions are relaxed as well as productive and never feel rushed.  I’m looking forward to working with Ryan in the near future and highly recommend RGM productions to anyone that wants a professional sound at an affordable price.
I have recorded 2 EP’s with RGM! 
I must say working with RGM is top class. Ryan is super passionate about the end product, he will not let it be released from the studio unless it sounds perfect and and the customer is satisfied! Ryan has now taken me on as an artist on his roster and therefor represent me within my music career. He is patient and always happy to help when it comes to vocal guidance and any queries regarding the music industry.


I was introduced to RGM by an Artist I compose for. RGM has been a second home to me despite never having physically been there. Being all the way across the pond ( in Jamaica lol ) is in no way a disadvantage. Through networking we’ve been able to keep in constant contact and produce some amazing records. Music isn’t bound by location and RGM is a true testament to that. In a world of chaos that is the music industry RGM truly does feel like a safe haven. Everyone is treated equally and respectfully. RGM exudes professionalism while at the same time ensuring that the fun of making music never falters. There is a genuine feeling of support throughout. #ElevationThroughDedication 

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